Keep it Simple is a list utility built on Dropbox technology. It allows you create, manage, and synchronize lists on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Using one of the most popular cloud services, you can do things like share a grocery list with your spouse, partner, colleague, etc.. Once the app is downloaded, just have them sign into the same Dropbox account. Or create a separate account just for sharing lists.  Install the app, link a Dropbox account, and start creating lists. Your data is synchronized between your device and the cloud. 


The Shopping List feature allows you to sort items by completion status, category, or aisle number. Checking items off your shopping list just go easier! Sort by category and never backtrack in the grocery store again!


Key Features:

* your lists are synchronize over the cloud

* the shopping list feature allows you to SHAKE your device to sort your items

* sort shopping items by category, aisle number, or completion status

* quick entry feature for lists and items

* if you get a new device, download the app, sign in, and your lists will appear!  

* manage lists offline and the changes will synchronize when you're back online