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President Expert

President Expert

If you're a U.S. history nerd, you'll love this app. Get information about every U.S. President in one place. 

View everything from portraits to biographies. Biographies include first ladies, terms in office, and vice presidents. In addition, challenge yourself to a history test of numbers. Quizzes include portraits, terms, and the order of U.S. Presidents. Even get feedback from your favorite president. Teachers can use the app as a history tool to test students and get an overall summary of how students are performing.



Anisound is the animal learning game for young children. Learn 20 different animals by name along with their realistic growl, howl, or moo! 



  • Swipe your finger or use the on-screen arrows to discover all 20 animals
  • Listen to each animal name and unique call for the entire barnyard!
  • Print flash cards directly from your iPhone or iPad
  • Includes a 1-minute musical animal slideshow


  • Match the spoken name to the picture
  • Or match the animal noise to the picture
  • Visual and audible feedback given for each answer


  • Card matching game that's both fun and challenging
  • 3 levels of skill, from easy to difficult
  • Built-in timer so you can beat your own record!

Synch and Shop

The easiest way to manage and share lists with family and friends.

- built on Dropbox technology it allows you to share list

- create a list using a Dropbox account and synchronize it across your iPhones and iPads

- great if you share lists with a partner

Keep It Simple

Keep it Simple is a list application that’s built on Dropbox technology. It allows you create, manage, and synchronize lists on your iPhone. Install the app, link a Dropbox account, and start creating lists. Your data is synchronized between your device and the cloud. 

Feature Highlights:
* Comfortable and simple User Interface
* Quick entry features
* Synchronize lists over the cloud
* Ability to manage lists offline
* Create and edit categories for shopping items
* Shake device to sort grocery list
* Ability to make lists active or inactive
* 4 preset categories
* Sort shopping items by category, aisle number, or completion status
* Built on the Dropbox Datastore API
* Automatic backup of lists through the cloud


Go Tip


Go Tip is a bill splitter and tip calculator that is quick, simple, and doesn't get in your way. Determine how much the group owes as well as each individual. The tip amount for each is shown along with the total amount owed based on the tip percentage.


U.S. Capitals

Challenge yourself to three different levels of state capital quizzes. After you successfully match all 50 states with their capitals, try guessing the name of each capital from a list of different cities. Then, go for the ultimate challenge and guess the correct map for all 50 United States.


Animal Names in Languages

Animal Names in Languages allows your child to learn the names of 20 different animal names in 3 different languages. It also includes a quiz in in which you can test on the animals names in any of the 3 languages.

I Shop for You

I Shop of You is a utility that allows you to create and manage your gift shopping lists. You can create lists manually, or by importing a contact. As you shop this holiday season, mark off the gifts that you buy for people. You can also view gifts according to store, for simple shopping. You can also password protect the application with a pin number.